YouTube Music Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular sites for those who wish to share videos and listen to music. There you will find millions of music videos sorted by genre or by artist or band. Also the most popular artists have their own Youtube Page were you will find their latest album videos in high quality audio and high definition video. If you are someone that wishes to add your music video to YouTube then you can make use of a plethora of software programs to help you create your own YouTube music videos.

youtube music

youtube music videos

Some of these programs can only be bought while there are also plenty that can be used for free. Even Windows has its own unique tool that is available for free and which is called Windows Movie Maker. This is good software that will help you to edit your videos before adding them to your music collection.

youtube music videos

If you want to create your own YouTube music videos with the help of Windows Movie Maker, simply run it and then open a fresh project. Click on the File button and then click on Import into Collections. This will help you in importing your music video files. After the files have been imported you will just need to drag them onto a timeline that Movie Maker provides. Next, add music to the video and then save your project.

After saving the project you can now start the process of uploading your music video. You can choose your music and add it to your YouTube music video. Once you have added your list of top music videos you can then sit back and wait for the world to share it with you. Adding YouTube music videos is really simple and with tools such as Windows Movie Maker you can get the job done in a very simple and effective manner.

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